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Call Assisted Travel Team 0800 107 2149 every day between 7am and 10pm. They can help you book tickets and seat reservations and make sure the assistance you need at the stations is available. It's best to phone at least 24 hours before you travel. For more details visit Assisted Travel.

Blue Assist is a simple way of asking for assistance, for people who have difficulty travelling. Blue Assist cards are available at all our stations,  write out a card with your question or request and present it to a member of our staff, who will be happy to help. For more information see the short video below or visit Blue Assist

We appreciate you may want some quick answers to your questions so we've put together our responses to those we get asked most often below.

  • I've got an urgent enquiry and need a response today, how do I contact you?

    Please contact the correct team below and we'll be happy to help.

    Web Ticket Sales Support, 0344 556 5637 or visit our live web sales support chat
    Train running information, 0845 748 4950 (National Rail Enquiries)
    Bike reservation, 0345 600 1674
    Group travel, 0345 600 1674
    Lost property, 0345 600 1672
    Assisted travel (wheelchair & Accessibility bookings), 0800 107 2149
    Minicom facility (For hearing-impaired passengers), 0800 107 2061
    Other enquiry, 0345 600 1671

    Our customer relations team can only assist between 7am and 10pm Monday to Friday and 7am and 10pm on Saturday and Sunday.

  • I have bought a ticket online but I now have a query, who can I contact?

    The Web Sales Support Team can be contacted at TPE Web Support, Floor 1, Intercity House, North Road, Plymouth, PL4 6AB or telephone on 0344 556 5637. You can also email us direct at

    For season tickets , please call 0345 678 6965. This service is provided for First TransPennine Express by a contracted company, so will only be able to deal with online ticket sales. If you have made a booking online please quote your reference number when you contact the Web Sales Support Team. If you are still having problems and wish to use another format to purchase your tickets, please contact our Telesales team on 0345 678 6974 who will be happy to assist with your booking.

  • Who should I contact if I leave something on a train?

    Customers wishing to enquire about lost property should call 0345 600 1672. It will help if you can tell us the station at which your train terminated. Items not collected within 24 hours will be transferred to a central location. Please note there may be a charge for retrieval of items held for more than 24 hours.

  • Group bookings - can we get a discount?

    If your group has ten or more people then you may be eligible for a discount. Due to the complexities of group travel we are unable to offer group bookings through our website. Please contact our Group Travel Department on 0345 600 1674.

  • First Class accommodation on busy trains......

    Many of our services, particularly at peak times, can be very busy and we appreciate this isn't an ideal travelling experience.

    As part of our franchise agreement we are required to offer First Class accommodation. This is available in Coach C and also in Coach C & F on four / six carriage trains and is for the use of First Class ticket holders only. The First Class accommodation is clearly identifiable on the entrance doors to the compartment and on seat headrest covers. 

    Occasionally, when demand is high and all First Class ticket holders have been accommodated, the on board team may decide to offer available seating to standard class ticket holders.

    First TransPennine Express will not be de-classifying services as a matter of course. We appreciate that on certain routes and at certain times it has become the norm for some customers to assume that a train will be de-classified and as such make use of the First Class accommodation.

    We would like to ask standard class ticket holders to no longer make an assumption that services will be de-classified and therefore not use the First Class accommodation. We do recognise this is a change to previous travel experiences but we believe this is a better way of managing capacity throughout the train.

    Our on board teams have been briefed regarding this and we would ask all customers to respect the decisions they make. They have an absolute right to work in a safe and non-threatening environment. 

  • Why do I have to show my ticket to the conductor and again when I get off?

    Most people who travel on trains buy a ticket. Unfortunately some do not and this costs many millions of pounds in lost revenue every year - revenue that should be available to finance improvements to services and stations. Ticket inspections on trains and at stations help to prevent this. It can sometimes be inconvenient but it is preferable to losing that revenue and not being able to invest back into the level of service we provide.

  • Can I take my bike on the train?

    Most of our trains have a dedicated area for carrying two bicycles. These are carried free of charge and space can be booked in advance by calling our reservations team on 0345 600 1674. They can confirm how many spaces are available. If you are unsure when you will be travelling, you can take your bike with you without booking in advance, but space will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. For more information visit our Cycle Policy or download a copy of our cycle policy.

  • I bought a ticket but there was a problem on the line. How do I get a refund?

    If you need to abandon your journey because of disruption to services, you can claim a full refund on your unused ticket by returning it to the issuing office. If you purchased your ticket via our Telesales Department, contact 0345 678 6974; if you purchased via our website, contact our Website Support Team on 0344 556 5637; if you purchased from a Station Booking Office, take the tickets back to that Booking Office.

  • Why do you only have catering services on some routes?

    As part of our franchise commitment we promised we would provide catering services on our core routes (Manchester Piccadilly - York, Manchester Piccadilly - Doncaster, Manchester Piccadilly - Preston) Monday to Friday between 0700 - 1900hrs and all our Scottish services (Manchester Piccadilly - Glasgow, Manchester Piccadilly - Edinburgh) between 0700 - 1900hrs. For more detailed catering information, please check our timetables for the route you are travelling.

    We now accept credit cards for our onboard catering services.

  • Where do I find my account?

    Please visit my account webpage.

  • Where do I find station opening hours and station information?

    We list detailed station information for stations on our network on our destinations webpages. For example, Manchester Airport can be found here, Leeds can be found here.  For stations not on our network please visit National Rail.

  • Who do I contact about advertising on the poster sites on your stations?

    Commercial poster space at FTPE stations, where available, can be bought through CBS (  The contact is Craig Bailey, National Franchise Manager, on 0121 779 1932 (

  • Why can't you add extra carriages when it's busy?

    We get loads of questions about trains being too full and not long enough. It is definitely a fair question and we certainly recognise that some of our services, particularly in the morning and evening can be very busy. We've invested £60 million in a fleet of brand new trains that have now come in service. You can find out more about the new trains by visiting our new trains page.

  • Can I park at the station?

    Parking is available at stations managed by First TransPennine Express. For more information on parking availability and to pay for online visit apcoa parking.

  • How much luggage can I take on a train?

    As we connect to one of the country's largest international airports, as well as many popular travel destinations in the UK, we understand many of our customers will carry some form of luggage items with them.

    Currently, our customers can carry: 2x items of luggage or articles with maximum dimensions of 90cm x 70cm x 30cm, and  1x additional item of hand luggage or articles that must be capable of being held in passenger's lap if required.

    However, please be aware that we are very limited on luggage space and our services can be very busy at times. Therefore, we would not encourage customers to travel with excessive amounts of luggage. If you have a particularly large article that needs transporting, we'd ask that you look into having this delivered to your destination as we can't guarantee to carry it.


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