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Lancaster Culture Vultures

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Culture Vultures

With the Norman conquest of England and Lancaster being controlled by William I and a lot of Roman history there is no doubt Lancaster has a bit of culture behind it. This historic culture includes a memorial site, a castle and a museum.

Ashton Memorial

Lord Ashton was a successful businessman and millionaire at the time. When his second wife Jessy died he created the Ashton Memorial in memory of her death. It was created on top of a hill on a park and has some spectacular views to witness.

Currently the memorial is used as an exhibition space on the top floor and a venue for concerts and weddings on the bottom.

Lancaster Castle

Lancaster Castle which has a lot of history behind it is situated within the city centre on top of a hill. It has been known for the Lancashire witches, had royal visitors, been important in transportation and had many executions.

Today it stands as a structure that is used as a court and prison in one area, as well as hosting many tours for the curious visitor in others.

Lancaster Maritime Museum

Take a dive into the history of great Georgian architecture that sits overlooking the river Lune. The history of the Lancaster Maritime Museum developed as a result of the success of overseas trade in the second half of the 18th century.

You can get access to this entire locations work for only £3.00, with accompanied children going for free. Not bad for a quick day out.


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