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Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 May 2015

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Fat Rascals Vs Manchester Tarts

Each issue we pit two regional treats against each other in a public taste test.

First up is the Manchester Tart. It comes from a 19th century Mrs Beeton recipe. It's full of jam and custard and topped off with desiccated coconut and a cherry. Representing Yorkshire, Fat Rascals are a regional variation of a scone, groaning with sultanas, almonds and cherries. We asked passengers at Edinburgh station which one they preferred. The fight is on!


Lisa Jolly

I like Fat Rascals. The Manchester Tart's a bit over-the-top. All that custard and coconut - I don't trust it.


Jamie Atkins

It's got to be a sticky, gooey Manchester Tart! It's all going on in there. Please can I have another one?


Judy Grempson

I've never had a scone like these Fat Rascals before. They're really tasty and they've got a cheeky name.


Winner: Fat Rascals


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