Why take the train to York?

From its Roman beginnings York has become a cultural hotspot with a cosmopolitan centre that combines its stunning heritage with contemporary events, festivals and evening entertainment.

By the turn of the 13th century York, as the county's administrative hub, had become an important centre for trade and the revenue that this brought helped the city flourish. Towards the end of the medieval period the city's best known architectural sight - York Minster - was built, the largest cathedral of its type in the country and one of Europe's most imposing Gothic churches.

As with many historic towns, York has more than its share of spooky stories. If you arrive on one of trains to York and are feeling fearless then you can find out more on a local 'Ghost Walk'. 

Traditionally York has been famous for its chocolate production though in recent decades this has gone into decline. However, with industry stalwarts such as Nestle / Rowntree in town, it is hardly surprising York became known for its chocolate factories - such favourites as Smarties, Kitkat and of course, the Yorkie bar. Some are still made in the city. 
During the industrial revolution York benefited significantly from railway building and related industries. The railway carriage works which once employed some 22,000 people are now closed.

Since the 1950s, York's economy has benefited mainly from tourism, science and service-based industries. Experience the excitement of the races at York racecourse, relax with friends at the City Screen or enjoy a performance at the York Theatre Royal.


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