Got a question about the new TransPennine Express app? Search our list of frequently asked questions to find your answer. ‘Appy travelling!

I bought a train ticket on the current/old app. How do I transfer it to the new app?

When you download the new app, the eTickets that you have previously bought will automatically transfer and be displayed in the new app.

How do I download the new app?

Our new app will be released next Tuesday and there are 2 ways to get your hands on it. If you have our current app, ensure automatic app updates is enabled and the new app will update and replace it. Alternatively, search ‘TPExpress’ in the App Store or Google Play to download it manually.

I tried to download the new app but something went wrong

Please contact Customer Relations on 0345 600 1671

What if I don’t download the new app?

If you have not downloaded the new app, then any tickets you have previously bought will still appear in the old app. However the old app will not function from February 2017 onwards.

My train has been delayed, how can I claim Delay Repay?

You can claim delay repay in the standard way using the online form. You will need to upload screenshots of both the ‘front’ and the ‘back’ of your tickets. 

What tickets can I buy on the app?

You can purchase tickets for all ticket types and across the entire TransPennine Express network on our customer app. Products include:

  • Anytime
  • Off Peak
  • Super Off Peak
  • First and Standard, Single and Return
  • First and Standard Period tickets including weekly, monthly and annual


eTickets are available on all TransPennine Express routes where we are the only train operator. Where other train operators also run services on the same route, eTickets will be added over time.

How long are eTickets valid for?

eTicket validity is the same as paper tickets. Return tickets have two coupons which are used separately. If you have an open return ticket, you can use it at any time within the 1-month period. The ticket will be registered as being used once it has been scanned. This does not alter the validity of the ticket. Season tickets will be valid as per the start and end dates.

Do I need to activate my ticket?

No, you do not need to activate eTickets for use. Our staff will scan the barcode of the ticket instead.

Can the ticket be reused?

Advance Purchase and flexible tickets cannot be re-used and will expire according to the standard terms and conditions for these tickets. Season tickets can be reused as per their standard terms and conditions.

Do I need to show my photocard with season eTickets?

Yes, you will still need to show your photocard with your season eTicket.

What if my mobile phone has run out of battery power?

As with any rail ticket, it is your responsibility to make sure you can show your ticket if asked to do so. Therefore please ensure your mobile phone has plenty of charge for your entire journey, or that you have access to a portable charger. If you are unable to show a valid eTicket because your phone is flat, you will be liable to pay a full fare for your journey.

I’ve lost my mobile phone. Can my tickets be transferred to another device?

Yes. Once you have downloaded the TPExpress app on your new phone and then logged in using the same details that you purchased the original tickets with, then these will then be displayed on the new device.

How do I get through ticket gates?

Some gatelines will be able to accept barcode tickets for scanning; where they don’t, customers should seek assistance from gateline staff. 


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