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Our Commitment

First TransPennine Express recognises the importance of being a responsible organisation and our reputation as a good neighbour and recognises as a train company we are vital in supporting the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of our local communities we serve.

With increasing populations living ever closer together, congestion will be an enduring feature and the need for efficient operations and delivery is more critical and more complex than ever before.

We know that acting responsibly is the only way forward to build a sustainable business. We therefore seek to be a leader in delivering safe, innovative, reliable and sustainable transport.

A strong commitment to corporate responsibility (CR) is fundamental and our strategic priorities to focus on the key areas that are most relevant and material to this to enable us to deliver our commitments across six areas:







 First TransPennine Express is a partnership of FirstGroup and Keolis. Our Corporate Strategy is aligned to FirstGroup.  

Find out more about the FirstGroup Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and annual reports.

At FTPE we seek to continually seek to improve and innovate as an organisation. Through Business in the Community we participate in the annual CR Index Assessment (Private Benchmarking) with other FirstGroup train companies.
In 2013 we achieved a silver standard and improved our assessment score on the previous year.

This year we produced our first annual CR Report and has been shared with our employees, stakeholders and community partners. The report uses a recognised reporting framework and going forward this will be updated on a annual basis.

To view our FTPE Corporate Responsibility Report click here.
(Please note this is an eBook)

CR Governance

Our CR programme is led and governed by the Exec Team which reports directly to the FirstGroup Keolis Board.

Collectively the Executive team review and approve the strategy and delivery is managed through a framework of cross functional review groups with detailed reporting on strategic plans and results to allow us to quickly assess whether our actions are delivering the expected results or whether future intervention is needed. 

CR Risk Management

Risks are considered and reviewed through our risk management process, and monitored on a risk register and reported to the Board every quarter.

The risk register is managed by the Risk and Audit Manager using the FirstGroup’s Risk and Categorisation/Severity Matrix.

Each risk has an identified Exec owner responsible for reporting and updating.  Annually the Exec collectively assesses future risks with actions identified to mitigate or prevent these.

Real time risks are managed through business review forums to raise, escalate and acted on as appropriate. Through the meeting structure and relationships with key partners such as Network Rail, Siemens and Bombardier risks are managed and acted on as part of the planning and regular review process.

Compliance & Policies

Overall we are committed to conducting every aspect of our business with honesty, integrity and openness and to respecting the interests of our employees, customers, stakeholders and the wider community we serve.

Corporate Responsibility Policy


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