Over the past ten years we have made significant improvements to our timetable, products and service to meet and exceed customer expectations and demand.

This has been achieved through a combination of excellent customer service, performance and marketing campaigns which has increased passenger numbers from 13.5 to just over 25 million.

Good working relationships with our stakeholders, partners and suppliers are central to the success of our business coupled with robust management to ensure we are financially sound and compliant to be sustainable in the long term to enable TPE to deliver all our commitments.

Stakeholder management

The services we run have a huge impact in connecting communities and supporting local economies. That's why input from stakeholders is essential in choosing how we operate. Close working with stakeholder is also key to achieving our vision; by aligning priorities we can deliver far more together than we would alone.  

At TransPennine Express we take an “informing, listening and enabling” approach to engagement, so we're continually evolving to meet the needs of stakeholders and those who they represent.

Each March we publish an annual stakeholder report that provides a look back on the previous operating year to review how we have engaged with stakeholders and how we have acted upon feedback received. Read the latest report.

Partners and Suppliers

Good working relationships with our suppliers are central to the success of our business. We work with our suppliers to develop long term meaningful relationships to benefit both parties with the aim of improving the quality, environmental performance and sustainability of goods and services.

TPE operate a relationship structure with partners and suppliers to suit the requirements of both customer and supplier. There are clear owners within TPE to manage the relationship to encourage improvements outside the contracted requirements and with outsourcing many key activities to third parties it is integral to the overall strategy to ensure these relationships work.

We have strong partnership working with key partners such as Siemens and Bombardier who are responsible for delivering the correct number of clean and reliable trains each day to operate the train service.

We expect all suppliers and partners to adhere to business principles which are consistent with our own.  Our Procurement & Supply Policy sets out clear guidelines in the way that TPE expects procurement and supplier management activities to be carried out.

Finance and Compliance 

Business performance is continually monitored through a mixture of conventional management information reports as well as lean business tools such as visualisation boards to track progress. 

Long term success is paramount to TPE and whilst the business plan essentially deals with the short and medium term it does also take account of longer term aspirations such as securing a future franchise.

Product and Timetable Development

Our Market Strategy is designed and adapted to promote our brand, products and services. Our products, pricing, promotions and advertising specifically target the leisure, airport and student markets. This is what differentiates the TPE brand within the market. 

TPE has to balance the needs of leisure customers (60%) with both commuter (27%) and business (13%). Through intelligent diagramming extra capacity is provided to service the peak and have mechanisms in place to manage the peak and the off peak.

The market needs of customers vary and as such TPE has tailored products to meet their individual needs such as Airport Advance and Club 55 whilst exploiting technological developments such as the growth in smartphones and barcoding to offer MTickets (mobile tickets) across all TPE routes.

Investment in a mobile website included adding innovative functionality such as live departures and arrivals, station information and Manchester airport flight information all enhancing the interaction with customer.

Train Service Performance

Train Service Performance is the biggest factor affecting customer satisfaction. If we can get performance right it means the business is working efficiently. We deliver improving train service performance through a detailed Performance Management System which outlines how performance is managed, improved and how we work jointly with Network Rail to achieve this.

Compared to 2004 we are now operating 15% more services and have improved our performance rates and reduced the number cancellations



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