TransPennine Express recognises the importance of working in partnership with the communities we serve.  Our reputation as a good neighbour and active community partner is important to our employees, customers and stakeholders and therefore of strategic importance to our business.

From the beginning of the franchise we have supported our employees with personal fundraising and making donations good causes. We encourage and engage our employees to volunteer for initiatives benefiting the community.

If you would like to know more about how we may be able to support your charity or community scheme please contact

In line with our core values, our community strategy includes the following elements:

  • Support to local community groups and charities;
  • Encourage and support our employees in helping communities;
  • Supporting and investing in Community rail partnerships;
  • Regeneration and investment in key areas across the North of England;
  • Education to address anti-social behaviour and railway crime; and
  • Broaden opportunities to provide workplace learning and employment.


Over the last six years we have invested £1.2 million in the communities we serve including nearly 5,000 hours of volunteer time to support great causes. Employee survey results from our employee survey show 84% firmly believe TPE actively support charities and communities.

Key Objectives

Charitable Giving

We support many charities and community projects through donations, fund-raising and volunteering. We also support and reward our employees who actively engage in helping charities and communities.

As well as financial support we donate our time, products and services to support and raise awareness of issues impacting the community.

Social Inclusion

We are committed to providing a safe environment for our employees and customers. We work with our industry partners to reduce railway crime and broaden opportunities for workplace learning and employment.

We do this by:

  • Educate children on Rail Safety to reduce instances of trespass and vandalism on the railway;
  • Work with schools and charities to provide opportunities through learning and enterprise activities and for young people;
  • In partnership with our suppliers we work with a charity to provide employment opportunities for adults and young people who have had additional barriers to moving on in life; and
  • Fund and support Community Support Police Officers to improve detection and crime prevention.


TransPennine Express supports the regeneration of and inward investment in key areas across the North of England by actively working in partnership with local authorities and tourism departments to promote and develop destinations experiencing deprivation and low visitor numbers.

We have invested in a number of campaigns to raise the profile of three seaside destinations with declining visitor numbers. The campaigns have been delivered in line with each town's bespoke regeneration strategy, with a key focus placed on empowering local stakeholders to shape the activities.

Community Rail Partnerships

We are committed to working in partnership with the communities we serve and support four Community Rail Partnerships that help deliver investment and contribute to providing sustainable growth on their routes.

We work with community groups to provide low rental on property we manage and are working on schemes to make better use of empty property.

Our community involvement is varied and wide-ranging, and includes education and art projects in the Lake District, Hull, Scarborough, Huddersfield, Middlesbrough and Birchwood.



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