The TPE People strategy aims to ensure consistently high standards of leadership capability and behaviours to deliver the right people resources to enable the achievement of our plans and motivate, engage and energise our staff. It covers all aspects of an employee’s time with us, from recruitment, induction, learning and development, employee relations and engagement, performance development and reward and recognition.  The strategy sets out the key elements of how we care for and manage employees to deliver customer and stakeholders requirements.

Our HR procedures and policies and Terms and Conditions underpin the management of our colleagues and are agreed and consulted with our Union colleagues.

Employee Engagement

Improving employee engagement is the cornerstone of our people strategy as we aspire to be the employer of choice in our sector. We are building our programmes in response to employee feedback and increasing the ways in which we involve them in managing the business.

We engage with the recognised Trades Unions regarding terms and conditions and have a network of Health and Safety representatives and Union Learning Representatives supporting the various activities.

Our employees are vital to help us deliver many of our business aims and objectives. In 2007, we introduced the Your Voice survey, giving each and every member of staff a chance to have their say on working for TPE. Today, 71% of colleagues would recommend TPE as a good place to work.  We actively encourage the use of champions who act as the local focal point for the various activities. There is strong engagement with champions for environment and well-being and we actively promote and reward volunteering for community projects we support

We reward and recognise employees who go the extra mile and demonstrate excellence. We’ve hosted seven Customer Service Excellence Awards to celebrate and recognise you, the most important and essential part of our business

We’ve been rewarding staff since the start but chose to raise the bar even further in 2010 by introducing the ‘GEM award’. 64% of employees says they feel encouraged to go the extra mile

We’ve issued over 10,000 free pantomime and theatre show tickets and held numerous days out for staff including Family Fun Days and trips to the races

Learning & Development and Recruitment

We encourage and empower employees through the personal development process by setting personal objectives and supporting learning through training and qualifications.

We not only provide targeted training for job related skills, we also offer a range of developmental learning opportunities from sign language to coaching skills.

On-going development needs are identified in performance discussions and appraisals and this process is fully aligned to the business priorities and plan. In response to our employee and customer survey results we have concentrated in particular on improving customer service and leadership training. Since 2004, 355 colleagues have been supported through external customer service qualifications and starting in April this year we will welcome 8 apprentices and help them begin their careers in a variety of roles.

During 2013 and 14 all our management staff will have been involved in a Leaderships development programme, designed to embed leadership behaviours and skills across the organisation.

We have active apprenticeship and graduate schemes which attract and develop new talent into the business. Our comprehensive talent and succession planning programme also operates across the business. Recent growth in the business has also given significant opportunity for career development by means of high numbers of internal applicants successfully achieving promotion and taking on secondments.

Lifelong learning remains a core part of our learning provision and we work with our Union learning Reps to deliver learning opportunities in this area that are important to our colleagues.

Health & Wellbeing

We know that our employees are our most important resource, so providing a healthy, safe and energising work environment is a priority. We recently delivered a programme of investment to improve employee facilities across the network in response to feedback from our employee survey. Results from the survey show there is 11% increase in colleagues who believe that they now have good premises. We encourage healthier lifestyles by supporting healthy eating, a better work/life balance as well as offering support, either occupational health schemes or through benefits such as reduced gym membership/bike purchase.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are an equal opportunities employer, committed to increasing diversity throughout our workforce.

As a business we are striving to ensure that we have a workforce and customer base that is a mix of people that reflects the communities that we serve. We are working with our Trades Union colleagues to develop and deliver an action plan to deliver a diverse workforce who treat each other with respect and demonstrate the values of the company.  




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