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Feedback from customers consistently tells us that the flow of information about train services that are experiencing disruption is a priority for them and is an area we need to focus on more strongly.

We have many ways that you can get information about our services before you even get to the station.  On our Travel Infomation pages you can check if your train is on time, check for the right platform and even sign up for alerts so we can text or email you if things are not quite going to plan ! 

TransPennine Express works closely with other rail companies, National Rail Enquiries and Transport Focus in ensuring that we constantly improve in this essential area.

As an industry we have a joint statement that sets out our combined high-level commitment about the provision of information to customers during disruption.

It outlines our commitment to delivery good quality information to customers.

Approved Code of Practice – Passenger Information During Disruption - October 2016

Here at TransPennine Express we also have produced detailed plans in our own local delivery statement that can be viewed here.

This document is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that here at TPE we constantly strive for improvement but for consistency in our delivery.

Along with our industry colleagues we have conducted research about how you, our customers feel, when services are disrupted.  We are planning to use this to guide our strategy and processes over the coming months so we can improve the way we talk to you during disruption.  The national research is available here


Last year we changed the way that the rail industry announces delays caused by fatalities, this is now ‘emergency services dealing with an incident’. This change has been made in the light of international research which suggests that those vulnerable to suicide who see or hear fatality announcements may seek to take their lives by the same means or at the same location.

Suicides are tragic and traumatic events that impact on families, friends, rail staff and those using our services. We, as an industry, are committed to reducing suicides, so we’ll be making this change across all of our communications channels. This is just one of many initiatives aimed at reducing suicides on the rail network and in the community we serve as a whole.

Find out more about the railway suicide prevention programme at 

We have also recently been working with our colleagues at the Association of Train Operating Companies to understand better how you, our customers want us to talk to you when things go wrong and also about how you think we've improved over the past year.   The results of this are shared here


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