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TransPennine Express is totally committed to running a safe, punctual and reliable train service focused on customer service.

We are continuously measured on how well we perform. We are given Punctuality and Reliability targets by the Department for Transport and these are built into our Passenger's Charter, which represent our performance commitment to you, our customers.

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Ticket office staff at the station you bought your ticket from will be able to facilitate the appropriate reimbursement at your next ticket renewal. 

Alternatively please contact TPE Customer Relations for more information (Call 0345 600 1671 or email 

 Public Performance Measure (PPM)

The Public Performance Measure (PPM) combines figures for punctuality and reliability into a single performance record. It covers all scheduled passenger services, seven days a week and measures the arrival punctuality of individual trains at their destination against their planned timetable (within 10 minutes for all TPE services). 
Services that are cancelled or fail to operate their entire route, calling at every station, count as a PPM failure. 

"Punctuality" is defined as the number of trains arriving within 10 minutes of the advertised time expressed as a percentage of the number of trains that ran.

"Reliability" is defined as the number of trains that run without being cancelled expressed as a percentage of the number of trains scheduled to run.

National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS)

Our latest scores from the National Rail Passenger Survey can be viewed by clicking here


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