Business Management

Delivering our plan on time and budget

Our Plan is packed with actions and initiatives to help the North prosper and grow. Yes, it's a big, ambitious agenda, and without amazing teamwork, none of it will happen.

We're excited by the challenge and with the help of our industry partners, stakeholders and Rail North, we believe we can take our franchise even further than expected and Take the North further too. A key part of this is the way we plan to manage the business and you can read all about it here.

Stakeholder engagement

Managing relations with stakeholders is integral to what we do and we actively engage with a range of groups through events, forums and surveys, giving them the chance to feedback and tell us what works and what doesn't.

Read more about this work in our latest Stakeholder Report

Working with partners and suppliers

Good working relationships with our suppliers are central to the success of our business and we always look to work with partners with similar principles to our own. Our Procurement and Supply Policy sets out clear guidelines in the way that our procurement and supplier management activities should be carried out.

Once a supplier has been selected, we work to develop long term meaningful relationships to benefit both parties with the aim of improving the quality, environmental performance and sustainability of goods and services.

We plan to build on our strong relationships over the next 4 years by achieving Collaborative Working accreditation with Network Rail, Siemens and Hitachi - crucial partners in our bid to Take the North Further.

Finance and Compliance

We continually monitor business performance through a range of tools, from conventional reports to lean business tools such as visualisation boards.

With over 400 committed obligations to deliver across the lifetime of our franchise, reporting and monitoring will be more important than ever. We're introducing a new franchise management system to modernise the management of the franchise and drive results.

Innovation, and plenty of it

We have pioneering plans to Take the North Further and innovation lies at the heart of all of it. To bring changes and developments to life, we're introducing an innovation strategy and appointing an Innovation Manager to lead it.

Train Service Performance

Train Service Performance is the biggest factor affecting customer satisfaction. If we can get performance right it means the business is working efficiently. We deliver improving train service performance through a detailed Performance Management System that outlines how performance is managed, improved and how we work jointly with Network Rail to achieve this.

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