Meet the mentors… Julia Bickerstaff

Meet the mentors… Julia Bickerstaff

By Harriet | 06 May 2016 | Where Next Project

Name: Julia Bickerstaff

Hometown: Garforth, Leeds

You know her from… Her amazing neon creations, including collaborations with Burberry, Adidas and Fender guitars. She also created a sculpture for the Tour de France.


In Julia’s own words…

The North is great because… It’s cultural and welcoming.

The future of art is in safe hands because… Creatives can make a career out of art now – it’s no longer just about being famous when you die. There is a real future in art and its progress is so rapid, that it may not be quite what you expect. 

A successful artist is someone who… Is happy with what they do in their work and how it unfolds. It’s not necessarily about making loads of money, but about saying what you want to say.

I’m part of the Where Next Project because… Art is challenging and difficult to get into. I’m really excited to meet new creatives, who the Where Next Project can push forward.

Nurturing talent is important because… Without it, we’d lose the next generation.

I’m looking for… Artists with conviction, who know what they want to explore.

My one piece of advice is… Be patient with yourself and your craft. With time, concentration and motivation, you can do it.

You might not know… That your microwave can be more interesting than you might think. At least, that’s what I’m going to show in my next project…



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