Meet the mentors… Shaun Keaveny

Meet the mentors… Shaun Keaveny

By Harriet | 06 May 2016 | Where Next Project

Name: Shaun Keaveny

Hometown: Born and bred in Leigh, Lancashire

You know him from… He’s the guy making you chortle into your coffee on the BBC Radio 6 Breakfast Show.



In Shaun’s Own words…

The North is great because… It’s wonderfully unpretentious. The people have a great drive and work ethic – we’re made of the right stuff.

The future of music and broadcasting is in safe hands because… There’s brilliant broadcasting in the North and a real passion for music.  

I believe in… Working hard, from the bottom up. It’s important to change the toner in the printer and bring your boss a cup of tea. Then, when you get an opportunity, you’re in a good position to grab it.

I’m part of the Where Next Project because… Even with hard work, it can be increasingly difficult to get help in the industry. I had brilliant mentors and in the words of one of them, it’s important to ‘pay that forward’.

I’m looking for… People who bring a little sunshine and want to learn. Whether you’re in broadcasting or music, I’ll work to bring out the best in you.

My one piece of advice is… That the boring stuff works. To succeed in music, you need to apply yourself and have the right attitude. Always be friendly and enthusiastic.

On a weekend you’ll find me… Listening to Santana on vinyl with joss sticks on the go (we’re not sure if he’s joking).

You might not know… My dad sends me his best jokes whilst I’m on the air. Thanks dad…




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