Felix the Huddersfield Station Cat

Tuesday 09th February 2016

I came to Huddersfield station when I was just a little kitten in 2011, I was just nine weeks old! When I first arrived there was a bit of confusion about what I should be called, so some of my colleagues at the station put some names in a hat and the winning one was Felix. It wasn't until a check-up at the vets at a later date that it was confirmed I was infact a girl, but the name stuck.

Felix the cat

Since my arrival, I've made lots of friends with commuters and station staff. You'll often find me in the ticket office helping with customer enquiries or patrolling the platform for pigeons and mice. After five years service, I've finally been promoted to Senior Pest Controller, so not only do I have an official job title but I've got my own hi-vis vest and name badge.

I love living and working at Huddersfield station. So if you see me, make sure you say hello and I wouldn't say no to a treat or two... although I do need to watch the weight. But by far my favourite pastime is a good old cat nap.


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