A purrfect Christmas break for Felix

Monday 09th January 2017
It was a busy old end to the year I can tell you. I know a lot of you enjoyed the posts I put on from Jean’s house. Jean was so kind in opening up her home to me while Huddersfield station shut for Christmas and I was so good she let me stay another night. I had a fantastic time there and I’m sure you’ll join me in thanking her for her hospitality.

Watch out for news shortly of a fundraiser we will be doing for Callan Rawnsley of Longwood in Huddersfield. Callan was paralysed in a bad accident last summer and he needs assistance in getting a new wheelchair and paying for some improvements to his parents’ home. Callan is a family friend of Jean – which makes him a friend of mine and yours I’m sure!

A cat sat on the floor

A cat looking in a Christmas decorated bag

A cat sniffing a packet of cat food

And what a New Years Eve it was too!

Me and my humans got together in December and decided that as I “went global” last year on Facebook, it would be nice to greet each new time zone across the world as 2017 happened.

All the posts were of course prepared in advance, but we had a great time on the day and afterwards seeing where all the comments and “likes” were coming from. Here’s me in a photo we ended up not using:

Felix the cat with a New years hat

100,000 Facebook Likes

While we are talking of people liking my Facebook page, we have hit the magical 100,000 likes! Totes amazeballs I say – there’s a little celebratory video on my page, so head over there soon and have a look.

Felix the cat in a street

That’s all for now, friends. The shaky truce between me and Percy is still holding out – he has promised to help with the blog even in the forthcoming months. Not sure about it to be honest – he needs to concentrate on losing a few pounds after gorging himself on some squashed pasties in St Georges Square whilst I was away.

Bye for now and may the Floof be with you.

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