6 Places to live in Luxury in the The Lake District

Wednesday 06th June 2018
There’s a chance you haven’t heard of L’Enclume… A chance but the odds are getting shorter every year. That’s because for the last 4 years this hideaway restaurant in Cartmel has won The Good Food Guide’s Restaurant Of The Year award, and it’s had a perfect score of 10 for the last 5 years. It also has 2 Michelin stars. It might be that not many people have heard of L’Enclume, but the maths are against that remaining the case.

Drama, Excitement And Unforgettable Food

The restaurant is a mix of rugged white stone walls, sturdy wooden tables and modernist twists. And it serves tiny, precise parcels of delight. In his review, Jay Rayner described chasing the last drops of food around the plate. This is an experience you’ll never forget, but be aware it isn’t cheap.

If you go to L’Enclume, the tiny village of Cartmel that you’ll find it in has tons to recommend it. Not least the fantastic Cartmel Racecourse. Here you can watch the drama and excitement of a meeting in the spectacle and serenity of the Lake District’s hills.

If you’re hankering for a trek around that scenery and fancy getting up close and personal with nature while having an off-road adventure, why not try Lakeland Segway. This fun tour won the 2016 Cumbria Tourism Experience of the Year award.

North of Cartmel you’ll find Elterwater, a small town with a little lake, nestled in the valley of Great Langdale. If it sounds like a tranquil location that’s because it is… the name of the lake, Elter Water, derives from ‘The lake frequented by swans’. If that isn’t relaxing enough then perhaps you should visit The Brimstone Hotel. Here you can take one of the 16 suites and rest in stunning luxury. With real fires, balconies, and an amazing selection of baths, this is a great base for you to explore the wild world all around you.

However, if you want to seriously chill then perhaps you should try the Brimstone Spa that is part of the hotel. Here you can try various treatments including an ice fountain, a Finnish sauna, a lava sauna, and a mineral steam bath. All of which are perfect for ending or starting, or even delaying, a day out on the fells.

Meet The Wordsworths

Elterwater is just a skipping stone’s throw from Grasmere. One of the most beautiful spots in The Lakes, it’s also home to the people who put The Lakes on the map in the first place. Dove Cottage is a great museum to the only people who had the skill to put what you see around you into words – William and Dorothy Wordsworth. As well as a tour of their cottage there is also the Wordsworth Museum and the Jerwood Centre – and in all of these you can get a great sense of the lives of these people, and also get to see some busy exhibitions. They offer lots of great family events and activities, too. After all that you can stroll around Grasmere itself and see if you can find the words to describe the beauty all around you.

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