6 Ways to Save on Train Travel

We all like to save and, luckily, when it comes to travelling with TransPennine Express the ways to save are many…

1 Book in advance
Advance Train Ticket

There’s something romantic about the idea of breathlessly clattering across a train concourse, slamming into the ticket counter, tilting back your trilby and declaring, “I need a ticket for the next train out of here!” But while it may be romantic, it’s also a scene from 1950s movie, not real life.

What really is romantic is booking a train ticket in advance, ideally as soon as it’s released, some 12 weeks before the train leaves the station. This can often save you more than 50% off your ticket, leaving you with enough spare cash to buy flowers for whoever you’re seeing at the other end. The latter is a reality that few people engage with, but it’s really simple. All you need to do is book early online. We now offer advance purchase on the day (snappy, right), which means there are tickets available to book on lots of services up to 15 mins before departure.

We book lots of different types of travel in advance, so why not move trains into that category too? Book the train, turn up promptly, enjoy a reserved seat and, on alighting, hand over those flowers. Now that’s romantic.

2 Don’t fall for booking fees

TransPennine Express don’t charge booking fees, so book your tickets with us or you may find you’re getting extras placed on your booking that you don’t know about until you’ve done your research and are ready to click the BUY button.

3 Do you need a railcard?

We’ve covered the different tickets (including Advance) and Railcards that you can potentially save money on here, so take a look. Here are some of the headlines:

Season Ticket

Season Ticket

If you travel between the same two stations at least 4 days a week then BINGO – you’ll save money on a Season Ticket.

Two Together Railcard
If you regularly, or even irregularly, go on journeys with a pal then for £30 (or £15 between you both) you can save ⅓ off most trips.

Friends and Family Railcard
This ticket covers 4 adults and 4 children (aged between 5 and 15). The adults get a 3rd off and 60% off for the children. It costs just £30 (or £7.50 each for the adults) and, frankly it’s an obvious one for families that travel together.

16-25 Railcard
16-25 Railcard

If you’re the age it says on the card then you’ll save a 3rd off rail travel for just £30.

Senior Railcard
Costing £30 a year or £70 for 3 years, this card saves a 3rd off train travel and also comes loaded with rewards – check them out here.

Disabled Persons Railcard
Many people don’t consider themselves to have a disability, but this card covers a wide range of people, so it’s well worth investigating. It’s only £20 and saves a 3rd off for you and a friend.

4 Choose your time

It can’t come as much of a surprise that some tickets are more expensive when the rail line is busiest. However, if you’re rushing or you leave it to the last minute, sometimes all you’re left with is the more expensive peak time tickets. Don’t do it, book Off-Peak and avoid the times 06:30–09:30 and 16:00–19:00. Plus, if you use a railcard (see above) you’ll save even more money.

5 Choose your route

Sometimes, it benefits you to choose the route you’re going to take. Taking a slightly longer route can save you money.

6 Take your time

The sixth and final way to save is the simplest: just take your time. We often book our train travel in a hurry, with little or no time to spare. But if you study this blog and give yourself the opportunity to book in advance, get a Railcard, go off peak or even take a longer route if one is available, then you’ll save money on your booking. Maybe it’s time to find a florist and pick out those flowers...

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