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Tuesday 30th April 2019
It’s that time again when we welcome new members to Club 55, our gang of discount-savvy travellers. Until 4th June, if you’re aged 55 or over, we’re giving you great savings on off peak return tickets. You can find out more details and book here.

Club 55 Inspiration

So now you know how to join this group of happy day trippers the next question is where to go. Of course, we’re pretty entranced by all the stops on our network but thought it worth giving you a swift tour around the major cities on the TransPennine Express network. But rest assured, whether it’s plotting a course to Edinburgh Castle or planning a getaway to Manchester Art Gallery, all of our cities are capable of keeping you entertained for a Spring full of expeditions.


Looking out across Edinburgh

A walk around the city of Edinburgh is a glory and heading to Edinburgh Castle through the exquisite Georgian architecture is probably the most obvious route that anyone could take. Even if you don’t plan your day to the nth degree you’ll still find enough diversions to keep you busy just on the 15 minute trip from Edinburgh Waverley station up to the castle.

Scotland and ground-breaking science are pretty close bedfellows and travelling to this gem of a city in search of enlightenment and inspiration is one of our favourite trips to take. First up there’s Glasgow Science Centre, a collection of sleek, metal, educational edifices where you’ll find exhibitions, lectures, interaction and information galore. And then there’s Kelvingrove Gallery and Museum a mesmerising building packed with art and artefacts that’s worth the Club 55 train fare all on its own.

Leeds Corn Exchange © Carl Milner Photography for VisitLeeds

Leeds city centre has a multitude of attractions, as it was an industrial revolution boom town it was built to look bling, and the area north of The Headrow (the civic and retail centre) is filled with enough Victorian grandeur to give any London street a run for its money. Shopping is the key here, Leeds is a retail mammoth and if you fancy a cheap day browsing bargains and one-offs this is your destination.

If you’re talking about taking a cheap day trip then plundering the riches that Liverpool has to offer is a pretty sweet deal. Your main aim should be to head towards the Royal Albert Dock, part of the city’s World Heritage waterfront. Here you’ve got history all around you, the Mersey by your side and easy access to Tate Liverpool, one of the greatest art centres we have in the north. Bargain!

Manchester Cityscape

As day trips go Manchester is a no brainer. There’s far too much to pull together in the few scant words we have here, but we’re going to try. OK, there’s a LOT of shopping, the architecture is mind blowing (head to Manchester Central Library to see how the 1930’s can ‘do’ classical). There is art and culture that is mind expanding – head to Home Manchester for a wonderful and friendly contemporary culture venue, The Lowry for theatre and art, and Manchester Art Gallery for one of the best standing collections in the country. All this and we didn’t even mention Manchester Cathedral, Chinatown, the invention of Graphene….

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art © Newcastle Gateshead Initiative

Whether it’s the Mersey, the Aire, the Clyde or the Irwell, when it comes to Northern cities their rivers are often where the action is found, and it’s no different in Newcastle and its main artery the Tyne. On the northern banks of the Tyne you’ll find the Baltic, one of the modern wonders of the art world – come here for art that makes an impact and views that will soothe the soul (top floor cafe, it’s a must see). Just a hop along from the Baltic you’ll find Sage Gateshead another amazing success when it comes to urban development. The concert hall has a packed roster featuring gigs that will suit any ear, whether it’s brass or classical, 80’s pop revival or indie/alt/rock. And even when there’s nothing on, Sage Gateshead is worth exploring for its architecture alone.

York River Walk

York is built for day trips. The station is outside the city walls and just a 10-minute wander to the centre. Those walls were built in 71 AD and will perform an entrance many times on your trip as you wend your way to the other incredible attractions. These are, in short order: York Minster (the incredible Gothic Cathedral), The National Railway Museum (unsurprisingly right by the station) and The Shambles (the beautiful, rambling medieval version of a retail park).

York City Walls

Just head to the Club 55 webpage to join the gang. Book your tickets today.

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