Look To The Stars This October: 4 places for World Space Week

Thursday 30th September 2021
Whether you’ve always had a fascination with outer space, or have kids who are yet to discover its many weird and wonderful secrets, there couldn’t be a better time to learn more about the galaxy than World Space Week.

The exciting and highly educational event takes place from 4th-10th October, with people from all over the globe coming together to be inspired by the solar system and what lies beyond it and there are plenty of locations across the North of England and Scotland where you’ll be able to get involved.

It’s time to plan an out-of-this-world day trip to one of the following destinations:

  1. World Museum, Liverpool

    This image is from calflier001 and is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

    Liverpool is no stranger to great museums and galleries. While many of them sit in the historic Albert Dock area, you’ll need to head deeper into the city to reach the rather grand World Museum. It was first opened in 1851 and, as its name suggests, it explores all aspects of world history with its continuously expanding collection of intriguing artefacts.

    Luckily, that includes some great displays on space featuring endless awesome objects which have been loaned out by observatories and other well-known science institutions. Highlights include a section of the Europa 2 rocket (it was sadly never launched) and a Victorian telescope which helped capture some of the first ever photographs of space.

    Entry: Free
  2. Life Science Centre, Newcastle

     This image is from Christopher Down and is licensed under CC BY 4.0 

    Newcastle’s awe-inspiring Life Science Centre first opened its doors in 2000 and has since become one of the best spots in the UK to learn about scientific discoveries. It features its very own Space Zone section where visitors can have fun with space-themed activities. You can see a moon rock up close or pretend you’re an astronaut by stepping inside a mock-up of the International Space Station.

    Kids will love the Life Science Centre’s planetarium which hosts two spectacular shows a day. Naughty Monsters in the Sky is ideal for little ones who want their many questions about the sky answered, while Tales of a Time Traveller is aimed at ages 7+ and takes you on a journey through the history of the galaxy.

    And if you’re a sucker for a LEGO display, don’t skip the LEGO Creations room where artists have created models of various amazing inventions, including a robot which wouldn’t look out of place in a space-age sci-fi movie.

    Entry: £15 adults, £8 kids, £11 concessions, under 4s free
  3. Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

    This image is from George Gastin and is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 

    As well as expanding your space knowledge at the National Museum of Scotland, prepare to be blown away by the interactive events and exhibits at Dynamic Earth. The centre sits seconds from Holyrood Palace and it’s a great spot in the city to teach your teens and tots more about space.

    A must-see at the attraction is the 6K planetarium where you can watch breath-taking, immersive videos which showcase how Earth and the galaxy came to be. Be transported back to the Big Bang or pick the brains of expert astronomers on all those facts which you’ve been wondering about the planets for years. There are four fabulously different space-themed shows to choose between, each one bound to leave you just a little bit starstruck.

    Entry: £15.95 adults, £9.95 kids, £13.95 concessions, under 4s free (note that you can also choose to just visit the planetarium for £5.50)

    Top tip: In Edinburgh for more than a day? The Royal Observatory Edinburgh on Blackford Hill offers pre-booked tours of the building where you can gaze up at space through decades-old telescopes.
  4. Stargazing with Sheffield Astronomical Society

    You might have looked up at the sky a million times to gaze in wonder at the stars. But did you know what you were looking at, and exactly how many stars do you think can you name? Luckily Sheffield’s Astronomical Society – a local charity in the city – is on hand with their regular star and moon gazing events. You can look through telescopes and ask space fanatics endless questions about the galaxy to your heart’s content.

    The next event run by the society will take place on 16th October at Sportsman Inn on Redmires Road, a short bus ride away from Sheffield station. In keeping with the World Space Week theme, the event celebrates International Observe the Moon Night and gives both kids and adults the chance to gain a close-up view of the huge orb hanging in the sky.

    Entry: £3 adults, £1 kids

Ready to make the most of World Space Week? Why not plan a day trip or weekend away to one of these fantastic spots in the North of England and Scotland? If you can, buy tickets in advance to book a seat and get ready to immerse yourself in all things space.

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