6 Scrumptious Sweet Treats from Across Our Network 

Monday 02nd May 2022

Have you ever heard of National Biscuit Day? Marked on 29th May, this scrumptious celebration gives you the ideal excuse to sample some tasty sweet treats. And luckily for you, our network is jam-packed with destinations that have their very own delicious delicacies. Some have been baked for well over 200 years, while others are relatively new creations. But just as much a treat for your tastebuds!

So, if you’re searching for something sweet and delicious near you or even just a recipe idea, let us inspire you with the following options in the North and Scotland.

  1. Savour some Scottish shortbread in Edinburgh

    Are you a biscuit lover in bonnie Scotland? That means one thing – shortbread. This melt-in-your-mouth treat dates back to medieval times when people used to take leftover bread dough and twice bake it to make rusks. Over time, butter was introduced to replace the yeast and the shortbread we all know and love today was born.

    You’ll be able to buy shortbread in every supermarket, gift shop and specialty food store across Edinburgh. You’ll also discover loads of local bakeries making their own versions, including the Shortbread House of Edinburgh. While their shop in south Leith is currently closed to visitors, you can still click and collect or buy a box of biscuits online.

  2. Tuck into a luscious Liverpool Tart

    Love lemony cakes? The Liverpool Tart won’t disappoint! This bake dates back to the late 19th century where it was first mentioned in a family cookbook. Traditionally, it features a shortcrust pastry base and is flavoured with lemons which are boiled whole before being blended with a mix of sugar, butter and eggs to make the tart’s filling.

    Despite being utterly delicious, the Liverpool Tart is quite hard to come by as it’s a relatively little-known bake to modern-day Scousers. Still keen to try it? Have a go at making one yourself at home with the National Trust’s easy-peasy recipe.

  3. Or how about a moreish Manchester Tart?

    While Liverpool’s famous tart is zesty and simple, Manchester’s is creamy and coconutty. The specialty bake features a sweet shortcrust pastry base that’s covered in thick raspberry jam, a layer of custard, a scattering of desiccated coconut and a single maraschino cherry. Some versions even feature sliced banana hidden beneath the custard.

    The Manchester Tart has been a firm favourite for over 100 years, although back then it was known as the ‘Manchester Pudding’. To try this tasty tart today, request it for dessert at restaurants like Mamucium or order a box online from Greenhalgh’s bakery.

  4.  Feast on Fat Rascals in York

    Afternoon tea lovers can’t skip a trip to Bettys in York. The long-standing bakery and tea room serves up all manner of treats – including Fat Rascals. This yummy variety of scone is brimming with juicy fruit and decorated with a fun face featuring glace cherry eyes and a mouth made from almonds.

    While this particular version of the Fat Rascal was created by Bettys’ bakers in the 1980s, it’s actually based on a more traditional tea cake popular across Yorkshire during the Victorian era. Regardless of where they come from though, Fat Rascals are yummy – especially warmed up and slathered in butter. Book a table at Bettys to devour them alongside a pot of tea, or have a box delivered straight to your front door if you live in York.

  5. Try creamy Yorkshire Curd Tart in Scarborough

    Another Yorkshire-born treat is the region’s curd tart. Its history dates back over 300 years to when locals would use their leftover curds from cheesemaking to create a celebratory pudding for Whitsuntide. So, what’s inside them? Typically, Yorkshire Curd Tarts feature a sweet shortcrust casing filled with a mix of cheese curds, butter, currants and lemon zest.

    While Bettys in York also have these tarts on their menu, you’ll be able to buy them in bakeries across the entire county too. If you’re in Scarborough, check out Cooplands Bakery on the main shopping street where they bake fresh Yorkshire Curd Tarts every day.

  6. Treat your tastebuds with Lake District delights

    If there’s one place in our region that has more than its fair share of sweet treats, it’s Cumbria. The Lake District is home to numerous towns where you can dig into all manner of sugary morsels.

    Highlights to add to your foodie bucket list include Kendal Mint Cake – a popular treat for hikers made from sugar and mint oil – and Grasmere Gingerbread – a gingery treat that’s a cross between a loaf cake and a cookie. Did you know Cumbria is also responsible for sticky toffee pudding? You’ll find this moreish dessert served in plenty of cafes and pubs in the Lakes.

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