Cities of Hope 2018

Launched in the Northern Quarter in 2016, the inaugural Cities of Hope street art convention was an unprecedented success; reaching millions across the globe via social media and undoubtedly changing the landscape of Manchester’s street art scene.  Taking a simple premise of securing unused walls and recruiting leading street artists to paint on them, the event also raised awareness of important social issues such as homelessness, LGBT rights and alcoholism. The event will return in 2018 with three stages and will this time include locations across Greater Manchester. It launched in spring 2018 with a new work and sculpture by the 'Da Vinci of street art’ Axel Void; in June nine new international artists will arrive to create two new works – one which will be created to reflect stories from one of nine specific Greater Manchester neighbourhoods and one in the city centre; and then the final stage will see nine local emerging youth artists paired with an international artist to create work over a two year period. This final stage will culminate with an exhibition at the Whitworth art gallery in 2020.