Choose, Check and Charge Before Travelling on Saturday 10 October!

Wednesday 09th September 2015

On Saturday 10 October 2015, a number of major sports events are taking place in Manchester, including:

  • England v Uruguay Rugby World Cup match at the Etihad Stadium (KO at 20:00)

  • Wigan v Leeds Super League Grand Final match at Old Trafford (KO at 18:00)

  • World Championship Boxing at Manchester Arena from 17:00

These are popular events that will attract large crowds, meaning our trains into and out of Manchester WILL be very busy throughout the day, especially from 19.00 until the last service. Stations WILL also be very busy with queuing systems in place.

While many of our trains will be strengthened and additional services will be provided on the day, please expect our services and Manchester stations to be very busy. So, if you're travelling with us on Saturday 10 October, have a read of our top tips below to make sure you're ahead of the game.

Top Tips for Travelling

Choose - choose your service and onward travel BEFORE travelling

Check - check your service well BEFORE travelling, either through our website, Twitter channel, free Journey Check tool or mobile app

Charge - charge your phone fully before heading out so that you have access to real-time information throughout the day

Travelling INTO Manchester in the Morning or Afternoon

  • Plan your journey BEFORE you travel and try to arrive into Manchester as early as you can on the day

  • Our trains WILL be busier than usual, especially around the times of kick-off

Travelling OUT of Manchester in the Evening

  • DO NOT hang around in the city centre waiting for the last train home on the day, as it WILL be very, very busy with no guarantees you'll be able to get on

  • Services WILL be busy, especially from 19.00 onwards - while as many trains will be strengthened as possible, if you aren't able to board your service, make sure you're aware of alternative trains and consider using a service to a different Manchester station, for example, Victoria instead of Piccadilly

  • All stations in Manchester will be busier than normal, especially from 19.00 onwards - queuing systems will be in place at Manchester Piccadilly from 19.30 and at Manchester Victoria from 20.00

  • Access to platforms and trains will be strictly controlled for your safety

  • Deansgate station will be closed from 18.00 - we advise you to make your way to the nearby Manchester Oxford Road station as an alternative

  • From 20.00, some of our services from Manchester to Huddersfield, Leeds, Hull, York, Liverpool and Wigan North Western will (where possible) be formed of additional carriages, however, they will still be very busy

Making a Connecting Service at Piccadilly from 19.00 Onwards

  • If you're arriving into Manchester Piccadilly by train after 19.00 and then making a connecting service elsewhere, you WILL be ushered to join the queuing system that will be in place at the station - you will not be able to walk through the station to the platform where your connecting service is leaving without joining the queue first

Onward Travel

  • Make sure you’ve planned your route through the city centre. If you’re intending to take onward travel from a Manchester station, such as a tram or bus service, there is some very useful advice here:

  • Metrolink tram services, local / regional bus services and roads throughout Manchester are all expected to be extremely busy too

Make Sure You’re Prepared BEFORE Travelling

  • Remember to charge your phone FULLY before heading out

  • Use your phone to keep up-to-date with real-time travel information via our ‘tpexpress’ app, the National Rail website, or by following us on Twitter (@TPExpressTrains)

  • Keep a bottle of water with you – we'll have bottles of water to hand out, but make sure you keep a bottle with you to keep hydrated throughout the day

  • As your train is likely to be very busy, getting to the on-board toilet may be difficult - please consider using the facilities at your departure station before you board so you're not caught short!

  • If you’re confused or in doubt on the day, ask for help - there will be extra staff at most stations and key tram stops in Manchester who can provide assistance should you need it – just ask!

What You Need to Do Now So You're in the Know

  • Sign up for our FREE journey check tool here

  • Follow us on Twitter (@TPExpressTrains) here

  • Download our 'TPExpress' app here

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