TransPennine Express urges Pokémon Go fans to stay safe when catching a Pika-choo-choo

Monday 01st August 2016
TransPennine Express (TPE) is urging people to stay safe when playing popular smartphone craze, Pokémon Go.

There have been reports of players capturing virtual Pokémon characters on-board trains and at railway stations with the game proving to be a big distraction from what’s going on around them.

The train company is advising players to concentrate on their surroundings, especially when boarding trains or walking along station platforms.

All customers, including those in pursuit of ‘catching ‘em all’ are asked to stay behind the yellow line when stood on station platforms. That Pikachu might look mighty tempting, but it’s not worth risking your safety for.

The new smartphone game allows users to catch a wide-variety of Pokémonusing GPS and the creatures can be found at a variety of different locations and landmarks, including on trains and in and around railway stations.

Those that witness any unsafe behaviour are asked to report this to a member of railway staff.

TPE’s Head of Safety, Dave Mulhall said: 

“We know that the new game is bringing lots of joy to a huge number of people but it’s really important that users stay alert to their surroundings while out and about on trains and at stations.

“The railway can be a dangerous place and I would urge players to concentrate, particularly when boarding trains or walking along station platforms.”

Manchester-based TPE operates 19 railway stations and operate trains right across the North and into Scotland.

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