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Monday 22nd January 2018

From Monday 22nd January, we will be changing the door re-close time from 60 seconds to 20 seconds on our Class 185 trains.

Currently, the doors close automatically, 60 seconds after they open, or the light beam was last broken. We are planning to change this to 20 seconds.  

Why are we making these changes?

We are doing this for two reasons -

For your comfort: In winter, less cold air will get into the carriages at stations, so the saloon temperatures should remain warmer. The change will also allow the heating system to run more effectively. The reverse situation applies in summer meaning a cooler and more comfortable carriage.

Technical reason: The Class 185 door control units are susceptible to rain. Physical modifications to the door have resolved 99% of these issues but having the door open for a shorter time will further reduce the chance of rain getting into the control units. This will mean a more reliable service for you.

The 'hustle alarms' will still sound when the doors close, but please don't rush as your train won't leave until it's scheduled departure time. 

If the conductor or dispatcher has blown their whistle, then customers must not attempt to board the train.

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