Let’s all get home safe this winter

Tuesday 02nd January 2018

Winter can be an amazing time of year, but bad weather, coupled with a big night out or a heavy bag of shopping, can add a few challenges when travelling with us.

If you are coming on-board our trains this winter, there are a few things you can do to make sure we all get home safely, which can also help our trains run on time. Holding the handrail when you get on the train, walking (not running!) in the stations, and using the lifts when you do have bags makes a big difference.

Remember as well that it’s not just you who wants to get home on time to see the family, it’s our staff as well. That’s why we asked some of our on-board teams to have a chat with their children and grandchildren, and ask them what they’d say to someone who wasn’t being as nice as they should be. All our staff are simply here to help, and we know that sometimes things don’t go as they should, but no-one deserves to be abused when they are trying to do their job.

Have a good time, but get home safe!

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