Tickets please! New ticket gates installed at Manchester Airport railway station as part of a £3.7 million investment

Wednesday 17th January 2018

We have installed 15 new ticket gates at Manchester Airport. Two sets of ticket gates have been installed at the station, one at platform level between the tram and train platforms, and one at the station booking office level. Given the nature of customers travelling through the airport station, 11 of the 15 gates are ‘wide aisle’ to accommodate large items of luggage.

We've invested £600,000 into the new ticket gates at the airport, which is part of a £3.7 million scheme to install gates across the ournetwork. Further works include a £600,000 investment into 10 ticket gates at Dewsbury station, which will go live at the end of January, and a £1.5 million investment into 18 gates at Manchester Piccadilly, which will go live in March.

Ian Humphreys, Head of Retail Strategy, said: “The installation of the ticket gates is a significant investment which will go a long way to make things fairer for our customers. The vast majority of people pay for their journeys, and are rightly frustrated when they see others getting a free ride. These ticket gates will go a long way to put an end to that, as well as adding further security to the station.”

The gates, provided by Cubic Transport Solutions, are now live and accept all current ticket types, having the potential to provide a contactless payment option in the future. The gates at platform level will be remotely monitored, meaning that any customers who may be experiencing issues will be able to press a button and speak with a member of staff on the upper level. The customer can then show their ticket via a camera, and the member of staff can buzz them through.

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