Thursday 10th June 2021

Manchester’s Queen of clean and up and coming Instagram sensation, Cleanigram, has revealed her top five home cleaning tips and hacks.

TransPennine Express (TPE) challenged Annemarie Jones, known to her followers as Cleanigram, to give her followers her top five home cleaning hacks.

Her tips start with popping a dishwasher tablet in a dirty pot, pan or baking tray with hot water and leaving to soak for an hour to remove any stubborn grime or stains.

Her second hack involves magic sponges that will remove any stain or mark on any household item, from walls to sofas and clothes.

Her third tip uses Bicarbonate of Soda, Annemarie tells her followers to simply put some in the bottom of your bin or fridge and it will remove any lingering and unwanted smells.

Soda crystals are also included in Cleanigram’s hacks, simply place a handful of crystals down the sink and pour boiling water on them, this will ensure any grease and grime will be removed from the sink and pipes.

Cleanigram’s final hack is how to effectively clean a microwave, chop up a lemon, pop it in a small bowl of water and microwave for three minutes, this will loosen up any grime and food and make cleaning the microwave easier, leaving it smelling great.

TPE recently teamed up with Cleanigram to highlight the extensive cleaning regime that takes place on trains throughout the North and Scotland.

Cleanigram, was given access to swab kits that TPE has been using on all of its trains and at stations to ensure that the cleanliness of the key customer touchpoints are of a high standard.

The swab kits work by using a device which measures the level of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) an energy molecule that exists in all living cells. An ATP swab test can quickly determine the amount of organisms present through the detection of ATP. Once tested, if the level of ATP is above 30 RLU (relative light units), then a fail will show, meaning that the area swabbed is not up to the standard needed.

During the testing, Cleanigram, who has amassed more than 50,000 followers in just under a year revealed that although her home was spotless, it was her daughter’s mobile phone and her own car steering wheel that did not match up to her high standards of cleanliness.

Annemarie Jones, Cleanigram, said: “Conducting the swab tests with TransPennine Express was an amazing experience and it just showed how everyday items such as mobile phones and everyday touchpoints such as a car steering wheel can be a breeding ground for germs.

“We take our phones with us everywhere and touch them sometimes hundreds of times a day, so it’s no surprise that the fail results came back, I’m making sure that I pay extra attention to these areas when I’m cleaning in the future, they’re now on my list of cleaning ‘hot spots’.

As part of the link up with Cleanigram, TPE also demonstrated how they conduct their daily testing of trains and key touchpoints in and around stations. The specialised testing procedure has meant that the rail provider can keep an extremely high level of cleanliness on services and stations for its customers.

Customer Experience Manager for TransPennine Express, Emma Teale said: “Throughout the pandemic we have continued to ensure that our trains and stations are kept at a high level of cleanliness for our customers and for key workers travelling on our services. 

“The swab testing throughout our network has been and will continue to be an essential practice to keep hygiene standards for our customers at a safe level as we emerge out of the pandemic.

“Working with Cleanigram was an absolute pleasure, she is the Queen of clean in the North and it was interesting to see how her swab tests compared with our own.”

During the three UK wide lockdowns, TPE has worked tirelessly to guarantee the safety of key workers, NHS staff and customers making essential journeys in the North and Scotland, ensuring that their trains are sanitised and safe to travel on.

Across the North and Scotland, TPE has more than 158 sanitation busters spread across 20 teams who continue to work day and night to ensure that customers are travelling on clean and safe trains.

With passenger numbers expected to rise imminently, the rail provider is continuing to ensure that the safety of key workers and customers is guaranteed by continuing to sanitise key touch points in their stations and on board the 100 plus carriages that operate across their network.

For those looking to travel, tickets can be purchased online via the TPE website or using the TPExpress App where people can now pay using Apple Pay or PayPal. E-tickets are also available allowing customers to use their phone instead of a paper ticket.

Unless exempt, face coverings must be worn at all times on the train and at the station and it’s key that people follow the guidance provided to protect others. More information can be found here:

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