TPE issues more than 13000 fines in record breaking year

Thursday 10th February 2022

A record number of fines were issued to those travelling without a valid ticket in 2021 as TransPennine Express (TPE) reiterated the need for customers to ‘buy before they board’.

In total, more than 13,400 penalties were issued to those who chose to travel without a ticket or with an invalid one, resulting in them having to pay either a higher fare or a fixed penalty.

And, more than £570k was recovered by the train operator through penalties as a result of fare evasion, with 531 people prosecuted at court resulting in both a substantial fine and a criminal record for those found guilty.

Darren Higgins, Commercial Director for TransPennine Express, said: “Fare evasion is an all too real problem for the rail industry, and for our customers. Not only does it remove vital money from the industry – money which could be reinvested into making the network even better – it’s also incredibly frustrating for those who are honest and travel having paid for a valid ticket.”

TPE is committed to making rail travel fair for everybody, and staff from its revenue protection team continue to patrol trains and stations on a daily basis, tackling persistent fare evasion and, where necessary, issuing on the spot fines.

Darren added: “Anyone travelling by train should buy a ticket before they board, ideally using our website or app. Tickets can also be bought from our stations using either the ticket vending machines or our ticket offices. Those who refuse to buy a ticket before travelling from a station where facilities are available may be issued with a Penalty Fare and could face the prospect of a criminal record.”

Penalty Fares are a nationally implemented system of on-the-spot fines issued to people who don’t have a valid ticket for their journey, when they have had the opportunity to purchase one. The amount of the Penalty Fare is either £20 or twice the full single fare applicable, whichever is the greater.

More information about Penalty Fares can be found at via the TPE website

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