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Blackpool conductor has the magic touch

25 Feb 2010

Blackpool's Showzam festival may have come to an end, but magic-lovers can still get a taste of enchantment thanks to local conductor, David Park.

Amateur magician David, who works for rail operator First TransPennine Express (FTPE), regularly wows children and adults alike with his own unique brand of customer service.

Using his skills, David entertains passengers on longer journeys with a mind-boggling array of card and coin tricks.

David also has a talent for creating colourful balloon sculptures and constructs anything from cute poodles to intricate bicycles.

A keen performer, the conjuring conductor first became interested in magic as a child, but it was eight years ago that he began to really develop his ability.

But it is his genuine passion for pleasing others that serves a key inspiration for David, who says: "I love walking along a carriage and making a coin disappear in front of a child and then making it reappear from behind their ear. The look on their face is priceless."

His magical flair is particularly useful when it comes to calming down noisy children: "Magic works wonders on noisy kids who are restless. I say to them, I bet I know how to make you keep quiet and then perform a trick. It can make them sit up and take notice and if it stops them being noisy their parents and other passengers love it."

David plans to continue practising his captivating hobby and is currently perfecting the art of juggling.


By Sarah Cunningham




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