Local Train Company supports Tameside epilepsy charity

22 Feb 2013

Local train operator First TransPennine Express (FTPE) has donated £500 to Hope for Paediatric Epilepsy, to support children and families in Tameside living with the neurological condition.

The charity, founded by Kelly Wray, after her son Max was diagnosed with Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy. It was set up to provide support, advice and respite to families of children with epilepsy. As part of their latest campaign, Hope for Paediatric Epilepsy are aiming to raise as much money as possible to purchase life changing alarmed beds for children who suffer from sever seizures.

For many parents of children with epilepsy, bed time can be exhausting. Sufferers can have seizures in their sleep, and if unsupervised, such seizures can be fatal. This means that many parents only manage broken sleep as they listen out for the indications of a potential seizure.

Receiving a £500 donation from FTPE, the charity will be able purchase a lifesaving, alarmed mattress, providing a family in Tameside with the peace of mind that if their child does have a seizure in the night, an alarm will be triggered and they will be woken up.

FTPE awarded their donation following an application to the charity board by Paul Moss, an FTPE train driver from Ashton-under-Lyne who has been volunteering with the charity for over a year. After becoming friends with a Anita Cottam whose daughter, Ashanti, is epileptic, and hearing about the difference Hope Paediatric Epilepsy has made to her, Paul and his wife decided to help and now regularly assist in their fund raising efforts.

Paul said, "Through various fundraising activities, we have been able to raise over £1700 to purchase alarmed mattresses for families and Tameside. These really are lifesaving beds and will make such a difference, not just to the children with the condition, but to parents who rarely get a good night's sleep from reacting to every noise, in case of a seizure.

"Donations are really important to Hope Paediatric Epilepsy as some of the equipment parents need and can rely on is very expensive. We're very grateful for the donation from First TransPennine Express."

FTPE supports a wide variety of charities and community projects through donations, fundraising and volunteering, in addition to supporting and rewarding staff members who actively support local charities.  

Kate Lamb, Community and Business Improvement Manger adds, "It's always great to hear about the work FTPE staff do in their own time to support and volunteer with local charities. We're pleased to be able to support the work Hope Paediatric Epilepsy carry out within Tameside and hope that our donation will provide a family with evening respite and an opportunity to get a full and proper night's sleep again."



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