No need to get into a flap Felix

11 Jun 2013

Felix, the feline member of the railway family at Huddersfield Station, has been awarded a special treat by leading train operator First TransPennine Express (FTPE) - her very own personalised cat flap to allow easy access through the newly installed platform gates.

Felix has been the Huddersfield Station cat for nearly two years, and is a much-loved member of the team who's also popular with commuters. After spotting Felix 'having kittens' about alterations to her 'platform catwalk', station operators FTPE are hoping to make life easier by installing a bespoke cat flap which sits within the gate's barriers.

Paul Jackson, station manager at Huddersfield, said: "Customers and staff hold Felix in great affection and she's very much part of daily life here at the station. We strive to offer the best service possible to both passengers and their four-legged friends and we know Felix is certainly the cat that got the cream with her very own VIP entrance and exit."

After seeing the prototype undergo testing, a regular commuter added; "I've heard that every dog has its day but Felix must be smiling like the Cheshire Cat at the sight of this!"



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