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House of Cards Seasons 1-3 DVD
Frank and Claire Underwood are the ultimate power couple. They win at just about everything in life - or so it seems from the outside. Frank - played by Kevin Spacey - is a calculated operator looking to climb to the very top of American politics’ greasy pole. Claire (Robin Wright) is just as hungry for influence. As three gripping series unfold it turns out the pair will stop at almost nothing to get what - or who - they want.

The Underwoods’ ruthless pursuit of power might sound like a recipe for worthy viewing, but House Of Cards filters political intrigue through compelling human stories. This is a tale of love in many forms, lust and heartache. But it’s also a story of sleaze, criminal excess, poverty and privilege.

Yes, there are shades of The West Wing here. But In the tradition of other great US dramas such as The Wire, The Sopranos and Breaking Bad, there are some eye-popping shocks, especially if you aren’t familiar with the British series of the same name which inspired this Netflix offering.

Make sure you book a lovely, long train journey, because this is quintessential bingewatch material. 


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