Suits, Netflix

Sharp suits and even sharper dialogue are mandatory in this brilliant US law firm drama. Clever and compelling, the show introduces viewers to New York legal master Harvey Specter and his soon-to-be apprentice Mike Ross. Then things get very interesting. 

Specter is slick and successful. And when he gets the promotion that gives him free rein to hire a Harvard-educated associate, he sets about looking for someone who breaks the mould. But his eventual hire does way more than that. Ross is a genius - a brilliant legal with the skills to match almost anyone in the profession. But there’s a problem. Actually there are two… 

First, Ross doesn’t even have a degree. And second - he’s on the run from the cops having picked up a suitcase full of drugs and walked straight into a trap. 

Suits is funny. Very funny. And funny in a kind of suave, witty, yes-I’d-love-to-go-for-a-drink-with-you kind of way. Cheap laughs are few and far between as what begins as a bromance between lead characters Harvey and Mike evolves into something far more complicated. You’ll have to watch to see how things develop. And we promise you’ll be gripped. 


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