The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins 

It’s one of the joys of rail travel: gazing from your window watching as people go about their business, their imagined lives flashing by as you glide towards your destination. That’s how it is for Rachel, who makes the same daily commute, stopping at the same signal and noticing the same couple enjoying an al fresco breakfast. Except one day it’s not the same at all. One day everything changes, shattering the perfect lives Rachel has conjured for that couple. 

The Girl on the Train is a thriller with echoes of Gone Girl, flipping between narrators to keep you guessing. It fits loosely into the vogueish amnesia sub-genre by providing disjointed snapshots that deepen the drama at the heart of the tale. 

While much of the early story takes place on the train we are slowly introduced to the lives of the book’s subjects away from the rails. Or should that be off the rails? If you are looking for bouncy, flawless characters look elsewhere. The Girl On The Train deals in shades of grey: a world where nobody is perfect - including its female protagonist - and things may not be how they appear. Just make sure you don’t miss your stop if, like Rachel, you get caught up in this gripping psychological thriller. 


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