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"I love this place – I often visited it with my mum when I was little - Ferens Art Gallery"

Humber Bridge

Not far from the city centre, it's well worth going and walking across the beautiful Humber Bridge. The views are amazing, and I'm really proud to say that my uncle helped to construct it. I used to have drama lessons in a house on the foreshore, so the area holds a lot of fond memories.

Ferens Art Gallery

I love this place - I often visited it with my mum when I was little. There's lots of interactive stuff for kids to do in the Children's Gallery, as well as beautiful exhibitions for adults and a lovely café, La Loggia. There are also these gallery donation boxes which light up when you put money in them, which fascinated me as a child.

The Deep

My kids love this place. It's one of the best aquariums in Europe, with a walk-through tunnel where the sharks and rays swim right over your head. It's huge and so interesting and educational, and it feels appropriate that it's here in a port city. The building itself is amazing - it looks like a ship jutting out into the estuary.

Wilberforce House

I used to go here a lot as a little girl. People don't think of Hull as a very historic place, but this museum, in the house where William Wilberforce was born, is incredible. The galleries tell the story of the slave trade, and Wilberforce's role in its abolition. A truly amazing local man.

Hull Truck Theatre Company

Hull Truck is a world renowned theatre company and is the home of the playwright John Godber, who I'm a huge fan of. They produce some amazing theatre, and I found it really inspirational when I was growing up to go and watch the latest production, hoping one day to be on stage.



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