The world’s best design is closer to home than you think. Check out these cool brands, who all design and create right here in your region



Based in Lancashire, Hotter produces a huge range of shoes for both men and women. Where it’s really starting to shine from a design and fashion perspective is through its slick line of accessories. Look out for bold patterned umbrellas, handbags that look the part but won’t break the bank, and quilted jackets in a range of vibrant colours.



Very ‘on trend’ right now, Kendal-based Aiguille produces high-quality, functional equipment for mountaineering. Outdoor clothing, shelters, climbing accessories, you name it. But since London’s cool Albam stores began stocking its rucksacks, demand has gone through the roof. So much so that it has launched a ‘lifestyle’ range based as much on looks as function, called Bowderstone.


Private White VC

Based in Salford, Manchester, this brand has some proper heritage. The inspiration for the brand comes from one Private Jack White, a war hero who won the Victoria Cross before becoming a tailor. His great-grandchildren now oversee production of a line of military-themed menswear in – get this! – the same factory he used to work in. Beautiful materials, contemporary styling and attention to detail means this is pretty luxurious stuff. Most materials are supplied locally so it’s brilliant for the region too.



This brand doesn’t need much introduction. But did you know it’s based in South Shields? Founded in 1894 by John Barbour, it’s most well known for its wax jackets. But recently you may have noticed a resurgence of interest resulting in a saturation of Barbour Chelsea quilted jackets. Meanwhile, the ‘Made for Japan’ range and the latest ‘Barbour Department B’ line are helping the brand hang onto fashion followers’ interest.



Named after a road deep within the Peak District, this brand’s entire inventory of men’s shirting and steel accessories is made in Yorkshire. Our favourite is the steel chip fork and bottle opener – designed to be worn around the neck.



Walsh is the UK’s only sports footwear company. Based in Bolton, it started in 1945, but recent collaborations with Margaret Howell, Kafka and Casual Connoisseur have helped catapult its desirability among fashion fans across
the UK.


The dressmakers rebellion

Working to preserve the skills, knowledge and expertise of dressmakers in the UK, The Dressmakers Rebellion, based in Kendal, produce edgy, modern and highly desirable clothing. The brand is a bit of a rebellion against modern-day mass production, as designer Cathy Poole makes many pieces herself. 


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