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It’s time to get yummy. Here’s our pick of the finest tuck shops for grown ups.

Sheffield - Cocoa wonderland

According to co-owners Kate and Anne, their shop is an “enchanted chocolate wonderland”. It’s hard to disagree – it really is heartbreakingly cutesy, colourful and cuddly. There’s loads of choice too, whether you want to spend a bundle or just 20p. Naturally, Cocoa Wonderland stocks chocolate bars and loads more from the UK and the rest of the world. Look out for the superb handmade truffles, direct from two Peak District businesses – you can pick individual ones to make up your selection.


The yummiest?

Fizzy Wizzys. They’re made locally in Sheffield and offer the perfect sugar rush if you’re on a budget. 


Bonus points

It’s a café too. It serves really thick hot chocolate, with loads of different toppings, including the Full Monty, Rocky Road and Black Forest Gateaux. There are also book clubs, knitting circles, chocolate tasting evenings and weekend chocolate lock-ins for hen do’s and parties.


Distance from the train station

You might want to jump on the 272 bus from nearby Sheffield Centre. It’ll take 10 mins, and they’re at 462 Ecclesall Road. Don’t worry, it’s worth the adventure.


Leeds - Bon bon’s

For such a tiny shop, Bon Bon’s offers enormous choice. With more than 75 chocolates and 150 different types of sweets you’d have to be pretty picky not to find something to love. “People always want a bit of a treat,” says shift manager Laura, “a bit of a luxury item to keep them going. Chocolate seems to be the thing that keeps people’s spirits up.” The chocolates are made exclusively for the shop by their Belgian chocolatier and there’s a real charm and homey feel about the place.


The yummiest?

Pontefract cakes, proper old-school midget gems and the LEGO chocolate blocks.


Bonus points.

There are all sorts of wonderful taste experiences to try. Lime and chilli chocolate anyone? Or for the grown-ups there’s always tequila flavour. You won’t be able to miss the giant cupcakes either, and they taste every bit as good as they look.


Distance from the train station

It’s around a 10-minute stroll from Leeds station at 13 Thornton’s Arcade.


Manchester - Bonbon Chocolate Boutique

Sometimes regular sweeties just won’t do. For such occasions you might try seeking your confectionary, not at a sweet shop, but a chocolate boutique like Bonbon. This is a proper upscale experience and the only shop in Manchester that sells chocolates handmade on the premises. All of the bonbons are crafted from super-posh French Valrhona chocolate, and are filled or infused with beautiful flavour mixes such as chilli and orange.


The yummiest?

Where to start? Pecan Salted Pralines, Pistachio and Lime bonbons, Bitter Chocolate Sorbet, House Dark Chocolate Truffles with Raspberry…


Bonus points

They stock the award-winning Mast Brothers chocolate bars.


Distance from the train station

It’s about a 14-minute walk from the station at 9 John Street, in the heart of Manchester’s chic Northern Quarter.


Glasgow - Glickman’s confectionery

This classic sweet shop has been handed down through three generations and was opened 110 years ago. Its small size belies its cracking range of authentic old-fashioned sweets, many handmade on the premises. Take your pick from such local favourites as Macaroon Cake, Candy Balls, Lucky Tatties and Soor Plooms – which for the uninitiated are sharp-flavoured, bright-green boiled sweets. “We have a vast range of customers from across the world,” says owner Irene. “Kids that used to be at the local schools have grown up and they now bring in their families.”


The yummiest?

Handmade Scottish tablet. You won’t find fresher anywhere.  


Bonus points

A favourite of über chef Jamie Oliver.


Distance from the train station

Take a 10-minute stroll up Argyle Street and find them at 157 London Road.


Hull - Treat Box

“We’ve got such a wide variety”, says sales assistant Ed, “it’s not often people come in and we don’t have what they want.” You can see what he means, too. There are jars, baskets and boxes floor-to-ceiling throughout this independent, old-fashioned sweet shop. They’ve got all the 1970s classics like Cola Cubes, plus stacks of delicacies only your grandparents would remember such as sweet peanuts, sweet tobacco and liquorice root. They also stock a broad selection of American candy, including Reece’s and Cream Soda.


The yummiest?

Watermelon Bonbons: a real change from the traditional strawberry. School Chalk: white on the outside, but you’ll find liquorice inside.


Bonus points

Diabetic customers don’t have to miss out, as Treat Box carries a large range of sugar-free sweets.


Distance from the train station

Just four minutes’ walk from Hull station at 52 Carr Lane. 



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