Edward & Irwyn - Edinburgh

Operating from a small kitchen in Edinburgh, Edward & Irwyn cite amongst their influences cold weather, cups of tea, Diana Wynne Jones, alchemists, perfumery and mushrooms. Safe to say they don’t sell Mars Bars.  The chocolate they use is known as chocolate couverture (extremely high quality chocolate containing extra cocoa butter) originating from such wonderful places as the Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Venezuela and Grenada. You can expect chocolate flavoured with juniper, scots pine and smoked salt, cardamom and toasted poppy seeds and our favourite, the handmade cinder toffee, made from authentic local honeycomb which has been dipped in chocolate.



Monkbar - York

York’s longest established artisan chocolatiers, Monkbar make and sell just their own creations. And they’re amazing. Sure, they do Easter eggs, but far more interesting is the choose-your-own mix of individual chocolates. Adults should try Monkbar’s Whisky Cream (Scotch Whisky in ganache) the Amaretto Truffle (almond liqueur in dark chocolate) and, sure to wake you up on Easter morning, the Chilli, featuring plain coverture chocolate sprinkled with flaked chilli.



Lauden Chocolate - Leeds

Based in Leeds, but hailing from Singapore, Sun Trigg does stuff with chocolate that even Heston Blumenthal wants to learn. Along with her husband Stephen, Sun produces beautiful, delicate chocolates with 100% fruit centres, without the use of any gelling agents or additives. Their revolutionary approach has won admirers at Heston’s Fat Duck restaurant and beyond. We recommend trying the blackcurrant and redcurrant chocolates, the sour cherry or the hugely indulgent Marc de Champagne – made with real Champagne, of course.



North Chocolate - Newcastle

Launched in January 2013 by Bev Stephenson, artisan chocolate bars are the order of the day at North Chocolate and there are over 20 different flavours catering to the grown-up connoisseur. How about the award-winning ginger and toasted fennel combination? Or perhaps grapefruit and pink peppercorn? Oh and yes, they actually do a frankincense and myrrh flavour!



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