Safety first:  Your mum will tell you to pack a first aid kit and she's right. This is basic stuff, people, and it could save you a trip with St John Ambulance.

Take a flag:  No, not to wave at Snoop Dogg. You'll need something to identify your tent from the hundreds of identical dwellings that spring up around it.

Don't trust your mobile:  Mobile phone signals at festivals are fragile and unreliable. Be prepared to go old school and arrange times and places for meetings rather than relying on texts and calls.

Take a spork:  Don't make the mistake of packing essential festival sustenance without cutlery. A spork won't take up too much space but you can eat just about anything with it.

Take ear Plugs: These will not only protect your ears while you're watching Squarepusher, but they'll also block out the festival when you're trying to get some sleep.

Take toilet roll:  Enough said?

Forget fashion: Even Kate Moss wanders around festivals in her wellies, so the rest of us should feel no pressure to sport our most stylish looks. Pack sturdy shoes, an old pair of jeans and nothing that requires dry cleaning.

Staying clean: Personal hygiene can drop off the agenda at festivals. Pack an ample supply of antibacterial hand gel and baby wipes to maintain basic levels of cleanliness without braving the festival shower block.

Drink responsibly:  Just because it's a festival there's no need to go at it like a frat party. Remember to keep your head and don't overdo it.


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