Durham Castle

Originally built in the 11th century, this towering Norman fortress is a uniquely scenic historic site and, along with the nearby Cathedral, it has a Unesco World Heritage status. Much of the castle is now university accommodation - like a real life Hogwarts.

Most famous ghost

The Black Staircase of Durham Castle is haunted by a grey lady, who is rumoured to be the wife of a 19th Century bishop.

Fear factor: TWO GHOSTS


York Castle

With its Viking history, York is reportedly one of the most haunted places in the UK - and the 900-year-old castle only adds to the reputation. Originally built by William the Conqueror in 1068, it was used as a prison for many years, giving extra points in the spook stakes. 

Most famous ghost

No ghosts have ever been seen, but visitors have reported ghostly screams and footsteps, and some have said they have been pushed by unseen hands.

Fear factor: FOUR GHOSTS


Carlisle Castle

Carlisle castle is the most besieged castle in English history. A stronghold against Scotland for 500 years, it was held to siege 10 times. It was originally built in 1093, and to this day it's a key landmark in Carlisle and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Most famous ghost

In 1823 a soldier died of fright after seeing the ghost of a woman in the courtyard. A woman's skeleton has been found buried in the walls here, too.

Fear factor: THREE GHOSTS


Lancaster Castle

Located on a hilltop, bang in the city centre, Lancaster Castle lives on the site of three successive Roman forts. Multiple structures make up the castle including the Keep from the 12th century, the Witches' Tower from the 14th century, the Gatehouse and the Female Penitentiary. After 1800, any executions that took place at Lancaster Castle occurred at Hanging Corner, which is between the tower and the wall on the east side. You can visit the Drop Room on the ground floor of the tower, which displays artefacts from the many executions.

Most famous ghost

There are actually four! There's a child who can be seen and heard dashing about
the castle, while sightings of a gaunt old woman, a woman around middle age and
a spooky monk have also been claimed. Many people attending the tours at the castle say they've been shoved by an invisible force - an event so common that the guides now expect it. It's our pick of the haunted castles on the network - dare you enter?

Fear factor: FIVE GHOSTS



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