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OK Comics Leeds

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OK Comics has been supplying natives of Leeds with their fill of capes, cosmic powers and ‘KA-POWS’ for 12 years. It’s been in Thornton’s Arcade for the last ten years, which is great for passing trade. Full-time sales-hero and comic expert, Oliver Pickles, tells us all about it. 

Do guys and girls shop at your store?

I would say it’s around 60 percent guys. In recent years, there have been much broader types of comics being released and they appeal to lots of different people. But yeah, we do get a lot of guys, because that’s where the core superhero audience is.

So is it ‘comic’ or ‘graphic novel’?

They’re the same thing. I’m quite happy to call them comics. Some people can take it quite seriously and they want to call them graphic novels. That’s fine. I actually think it’s more of a marketing term. If it’s got the word ‘novel’ in, it helps bookshops sell them.

What are your best sellers?

Without a doubt, it’s The Walking Dead. It was a best seller before the TV series started up. But now it’s got a show that’s on six months a year, it’s always in people’s minds. And it’s not even a superhero comic, it’s a horror comic.

Has the recent popularity of Marvel movies had a big impact?

It does kind of help, in that after seeing an Iron Man film, some people might want an Iron Man book. But most recently, the Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer went online and before that, no-one really knew what Guardians Of The Galaxy was. It’s really helped boost a low-profile comic. Whereas, weirdly, an Iron Man film might not have so much of an effect, because Iron Man is more well known and some may have already made their minds up. People seem willing to give something they don’t know a chance.

Why should people come to the store?

You can browse here. We’ve got a couch and lots of space to look around. We’re always up for chatting about what’s good, and happy to explain what links something to something else and make suggestions for things you might enjoy. It’s just a nice personal experience, a good atmosphere... just come by and hang out.


Jared and Oliver pick out three of their current must-reads:

Paul Joins The Scouts

A tale of scouting set in Canada during the October Crisis of 1970.


Guardians Of The Galaxy

Get the knowledge before your friends. The film drops on 1 August.


The Nao Of Brown

Struggling illustrator meditates on the meaning of love and life in this quirky, grown-up comic.


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