"When I was at primary school we used to go to a local music festival at the Guild Hall and sing."

Preston Guild Hall and Charter Theatre

When I was at primary school we used to go to a local music festival at the Guild Hall and sing. I've also performed there more recently when I was in Coronation Street, singing in a charity show, which was loads of fun. I did my first proper musical - South Pacific - at the Charter Theatre and all of my dancing school shows
were there, so it holds lots of great memories.

Info: prestonguildhall.com

Bruccianis Café

Everyone knows Bruccianis. It's a lovely little old-fashioned Italian café, quite close to the train station, and it's one of the only places in town where you can sit outside. They do great cakes and a lovely hot chocolate - perfect for chilly winter days - and the décor gives it a real ambience.

Info: 01772 252406


Tiggis is a restaurant in the centre of town where we always used to go, although I've not been back there in years. It's an Italian and I absolutely loved it when I was growing up.

Info: tiggis.co.uk

Harris Museum & Art Gallery

This is a really beautiful part of Preston. There are galleries with gorgeous exhibitions and I spent a lot of time in the library when I was studying. There's a café, too, which has a Foucault's pendulum that hangs from the ceiling - it goes round in circles like a giant executive stress toy! It sounds bizarre but it's really beautiful. It's
a serene place and it's completely free.

Info: harrismuseum.org.uk


This is a huge park close to where I used to live - we went there loads when I was a kid. You can feed the ducks, play cricket and there's a big play park, so it's brilliant for kids. It's also right by the Preston North End football ground - I wasn't much of a footie fan, but I did play hockey there, badly, when I was at school.

Info: preston.gov.uk, pnefc.net

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