Curry hell!

The place: Rupali Restaurant, Bigg Market, Newcastle

The challenge: Can you finish the famous curry that claims to be the world's spiciest Hallucinations and heart palpitations could be in store for anyone brave enough!

The prize: Finish and the curry's  free. Plus you'll be given a certificate and added to 'the hall of flame'.


Uber Dog

The place:  The Bay Horse Main Street, Fulford, York

The challenge:  A 25-inch pork and herb sausage in an equally outlandish bun, smothered with chilli con carne and topped with onions and cheese. You've got 35 minutes to do the lot - oh, and you've got to finish your fries, too! 

The prize: Beat it and you eat for free!


Akbar's chef challenge

The place:  Akbar's George Hudson Street, York

The challenge:  Chicken, Lamb Keema and potatoes cooked in Akbar's famous balti sauce and served with naan and pilau rice. All you have to do is finish it.

The prize:  Free dessert.


Sink the Titanic

The place: Go Burrito Church St, Lancaster

The challenge:  Chomp through a ludicrously long three-foot burrito and the generous portion of accompanying nachos in just 30 minutes.

The prize:  Sink the Titanic to win a meal voucher, your photo on the wall of fame and bragging rights.


Man vs Food

The place:  Walkabout Carver Street, Sheffield

The challenge: A burger with chicken escalope, two patties, bacon and onion rings plus a side of fries and coleslaw. All to be eaten in 15 minutes.

The prize: A free pint and a 'Man vs Food' T-shirt.



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