Dare you have a pint in…The region’s most haunted pubs?
Hang on to your beermat and beware things that go bump in the bar…

1) Bolton - Ye Olde Man and Scythe, Churchgate

Earlier this year the Manchester Evening News ran a story claiming the ghost at Ye Olde Man and Scythe was caught on CCTV. The footage showed the silhouette of a figure appearing at the end of the bar. In the morning a glass was found smashed in the same spot. Have you got the nerve to enjoy a pint where the ghost stood?

What to try?The flame-grilled menu is great, while the regulars’ choice is a pint of Thatchers.

Whines and spirits?Could the bar ghoul have been Seventh Earl of Derby, James Stanley? Such are the rumours. He was beheaded and he spent the last hours of his life in the pub. The chair he sat in before going for the chop is still in the pub today.

2) York - The Golden Fleece, 16 Pavement 

York’s oldest inn is also, apparently, it’s most haunted pub. The building dates back to 1503 and Lady Alice Peckett, whose husband owned the building in 1702, is reputed to be one of the five ghosts. 

What to try ?  - The Yorkshire rarebit and chutney or Mrs Tweedy’s homemade chicken and tarragon pie. Plus a fine selection of cask ales.

Whines and spirits?People who’ve stayed in the rooms have reported chairs moving by themselves, kettles switching themselves on, unpleasant smells and the feeling of invisible hands delving into their pockets.

3) Liverpool - The Grapes, Roscoe Street 

This pub is one of the oldest buildings for miles around. A perfect venue then, for a few of its long deceased regulars to pop back in for a cheeky half.

What to try?The Grapes has a great range of speciality gins, more than 35 rums and nine spooktacular local ales to sample.

Whines and spirits?The pub is reputedly ‘very haunted’. There have been sightings of at least 17 different ghosts and reports of doors banging upstairs and heavy fire doors opening and closing on their own.

4) Hull - The George Hotel, Land of Green Ginger

It’s not a hotel, it’s a pub. The building used to be the taproom for an original George Hotel, which has long since been knocked down.

What to try?They offer five beautiful cask ales and a huge menu of classic pub dishes.

Whines and spirits? - The most recent owners called in paranormal experts when they were disturbed by the pub music coming on by itself, footsteps in upstairs rooms and the feeling of someone running past followed by the smell of smoke.

5) Lancaster - The Three Mariners, Bridge Lane

There has been a hostelry on this site since the 15th century. The pub gives visitors a sense of stepping back in time and the ghostly sightings only add to its allure.

What to try? - The chilli death burger seems an appropriate choice if you’re looking to join the afterlife. It’s packed with jalapeños, chilli cheese and special ‘death’ sauce.

Whines and spirits? - A Jacobite man and a blonde woman in a large dress are often spotted walking around the pub and objects frequently move on their own in the celar


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