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Britain's landscapes are wonderful and many would argue that Northern England and Scotland encapsulate the most dramatic of our landscapes.  From the gritty limestone hills of Yorkshire, to sublime Lake District fells, from the rolling border country between England and Scotland to the canny northeast and from the urban centres of Edinburgh and Glasgow to the multi-cultured port of Liverpool and Manchester where manufacturing once boomed.

Every place and every landscape has a story to tell about our past and present.

Discovering Britain is an exciting series of geographically-themed walks created by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) that aim to bring these stories alive and inspire everyone to explore and learn more about Britain.

Our walks are specially designed to engage the brain as well as the feet. They tell stories about the places around you and inspire you to explore why Britain is as it is today. If you’ve ever wondered about that curious sounding pub name on your street corner, or the odd shaped mounds in the middle of a flat field, why there are so many deep bodies of water in the Lake District, or coalmines in Yorkshire, then these walks are for you! Many of our destinations are accessible by TransPennine Express, here’s just a couple to whet your appetite…

Visiting Manchester? Step back in time and experience a different side to the city on our self-guided walk ‘Slums, Squalor and Salvation.’

it’s 1840. Manchester is booming. Its cotton industry is world famous. But life expectancy is just 26. The story of Victorian Manchester is usually one which celebrates industrial expansion, technological advancements and economic growth. But there was another side. For ordinary people who worked in the mills and factories, life was hard, poverty was widespread and life expectancy was very short.

On this walk, you will discover another side of 19th century Manchester: teeming slums and squalid living conditions, widespread disease and chronic health conditions, child labour and illiteracy, drinking and prostitution! You’ll never see Manchester with quite the same eyes again.

Getting off at Glasgow? Ruination and Reinvention invites you to experience the eerie ruins of Kilmahew Glen, an abandoned country estate, just along the Clyde from Glasgow at Cardross.

Amidst a landscape of woods and rhododendrons are stone, brick, iron and concrete features that offer a tantalising glimpse of the buildings and structures that once stood here from the medieval to the modern. Step through the undergrowth to discover waterfalls, gardens and ponds. Let your imagination recreate the grandeur of the past and confront the ruins of the present.

All our walks are designed to be fun, informative and inspiring. They’re completely free, self-guided and suitable for all ages and abilities. You can choose between a downloadable booklet and mp3s. Prepare to discover something new and to be surprised by what’s right on your own doorstep or further afield.

Our ambition is to create over 100 inspirational and informative walks that bring our islands’ geography and history alive. We are creating new walks and adding to the website all the time.

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