Edinburgh Dungeon

Take the train to Edinburgh with TransPennine Express and get 2-for-1 entry to the Edinburgh Dungeons when you show your rail ticket.

The Edinburgh Dungeon is a uniquely thrilling attraction that'll take you back to the past's most horrible bits. See, hear, smell and feel the city’s darkest stories as they come to life before your eyes.

As you are taken back in time, you’ll come face-to-face with frighteningly funny characters, from Torturers and Judges to local legends including the cannibal clan of Sawney Bean and infamous grave-robbers, murderous twosome Burke and Hare. Explore surroundings like the plague-ravaged Street of Sorrows, the Anatomy Theatre of Dr Knox and the mysterious Old Craig House where a spine-chilling ghostly presence resides. As you listen to their stories, you'll feel yourself drawn into

another world, where the boundaries between reality and the past blur.

Be warned - as you make your way through the Dungeon, surprises are lurking in the darkness and will keep your senses on high alert as you anticipate what's waiting around the next corner…

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Edinburgh Dungeon

31 Market St

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