A Disabled Persons Railcard can save you and a friend 1/3 on train fares

You may qualify for a Disabled Railcard if you have epilepsy, are registered as deaf or visually impaired, use a hearing aid or receive disability-related benefits.

Pick up yours and, as well as great savings on train fares across the UK for you and any adult companion, you'll also get access to some fantastic money-saving deals on hotels, theatre tickets and top tourist attractions.

You can apply for a Disabled Railcard by going online - simply download and complete the application form, choose whether you'd like on one-year or three-year Railcard and then send the form, along with your proof of disability, away in the post.

Further details on how to purchase your Railcard and eligibility can be found on the official Disabled Persons Railcard website.

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Save 1/3 off all fares with your Disabled Persons railcard


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