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Penrith bus station is the main station in Penrith. You can catch each one every 20 minutes. Locations of stops include Scaws, Brentfield Way, Pategill Road, Health Centre, Kilgour Street and King Street.

Most of the bus timetables can be found online at


There are many different taxi firms that you can choose from.

Two notable ones in the area include:

Car Hire

There are plenty of car hire options within Penrith. The price will vary on the options available.

Below is an example:

Car - £40 per day / £190 per week

People Carrier - £70 / £350 per week

Car Parking

Car parking isn't too much of an issue in Penrith. The main parking areas are:

Sandgate - 120 spaces

Bluebell Lane - 92

Princes Street - 21

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