Penrith Restaurants

The unique aspects of each individual eating spot in Penrith will make you want to come back for more and more. There are many different locations that you can discover each with their own personality. Most of the locations where the food is situated will captivate you with the sheer sight of the scenery.

The Horse and Farrier Inn

The Horse and Farrier Inn is a nice little inn that is located in a beautiful part of Penrith with some amazing surroundings. If you want to know what an old Inn looks like then this is the place to be, going inside is like going back in time where you will experience the great atmosphere.

Sportsman Inn

The Sportsman Inn is traditionally a family run business that is great if you want some delicious food. The area of this Inn is fantastic, situated in the beautiful area of Cumbria and you can drink in the scenery. This is the place to be if you have children as the menus are very accommodating and they have a chance to play pool near the bar.

Llama Karma Kafe

The Llama Kafe is a truly unique café in Penrith that actually has Llamas in the back garden for public. It truly is a bizarre spectacle but one that can be enjoyable for both adults and children. This café is also extremely well decorated and will make you feel right at home with its lavish interior design.

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